Has been updated or have been updated

74,394. Updated is not a true adjective because it is not gradable and cannot be modified by an adverb

    عنوان د.أمير صالح
  1. Environment Manager ships with an executable called AuthorizeMe
  2. Adjective
  3. Las habitaciones eran modernas y muy limpias
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  5. Weve done what we ought, but the page hasnt kept up
  6. and
  7. I have a 11102 Enterprise and it has received updates under 11102
  8. You could say “The updated file is attached
  9. The SSZs of mainland Southeast Asia have been modified (Fig
  10. Its been updated according to your request
  11. up·dat·ed , up·dat·ing , up·dates 1
  12. The kitchen and baths have been updated